Services Offered

Chimney Sweeping

Wherever you are in Kent, we offer you a fast reliable sweep service with full certification upon completion. The certificate of sweep is an essential record for you to keep and for insurance purposes, that we also keep a copy of too. Not only will your Chimney be clean but with our protective equipment we ensure your property areas visited are left clean too. Whether an Open Fire Chimney, a Liner and Flue, we shall ensure that they are properly cleaned to the highest industry standards.

No matter how big or small your job, we can inspect and maintain for you and offer advice for first time users on regular maintenance and sweeping.

CCTV Inspection

When a blockage or any chimney issue is suspected we can offer a CCTV survey. We can then advise you of any issues and how they can be rectified, followed by a thorough deep clean and performance tests.

Stove Fitting & Stove Supply & Fitting

Through our company Kent Stoves, we can offer a full range of Ecodesign Stoves as well as fitting. We can also offer fitting services for a new Stove you may have acquired elsewehere. Every Property is different and upon completion of a no obligation site survey we can offer you a fixed price quote for the installation.

Stove Servicing & Maintenance

As suppliers of leading ranges of Stoves, we are able to supply essential replacement parts. As well as stove inspection, we can supply replacement glass, ropes as well as firebricks. Should you suspect an issue with your Stove do not hesitate to Contact Us for a no obligation diiscussion.

Chimney Maintenance & Service Products

Upon inspection there are often times when a chimney may require some basic repair or some fittings added. If you have recently moved to a property you may not yet be aware of the fitting required or the condition of your chimney prior to your use. From new chimney pots to flaunching and cowls, we can offer offer the full range of chimney and stove essential services and products.

Fixed Price Offers 2023

Fitted Stove Sweep and Inclusive Service £149.95
Chimney Sweeping with Open Fire £85
Chimney Sweeping for a Stove £75
CCTV Inspection including sweep and certificate £245
General product changes for firebricks/glass/rope £60 plus materials required.
New Chimney Pot fitted £195
New Cowl fitted £195
New Flaunching £195
New Flaunching/Cowl/Chimney Pot combined offer £395

Contact Us to discuss your requirements, or to discuss setting up a regular sweep and maintenance plan for your chimney or stove.